The screws are marked by red circles. Single Step Full Guide. The speakers are visible through a cutout in the motherboard, however the motherboard still must be removed to completely access and remove the speakers. When removing the motherboard, be sure not to break off the plastic connector to the hard drive. The black strip will disconnect completely from the ribbon cable. Once the plastic piece is removed, the ribbon will spring free, but it will still be attached to the silver plate.

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Locate the two 7 mm screws in the holes on either side of the battery compartment. Similarly, the hard drive must asus eee pc 1000he audio disconnected from the netbook to remove the motherboard, so it must be removed prior to removing the speaker. Tools Buy these tools.

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Netbook Windows 7 32bit Drivers, Applications, Manuals

Opening up the computer screen, find the 3mm gold screw housing to the inside of each hinge point. The side that is on the ground should not be the side that has the 7 mm screw you are trying to remove. Improper removal may result in damage to ssus device. When removing the motherboard, be sure not asus eee pc 1000he audio break off the plastic connector to the hard drive.

If you aasus to remove the sticker and void your netbook warranty, locate the yellow sticker and remove to reveal the seventh 7 mm screw.

The battery compartment should be facing you. Locate the opaque strip, or ribbon cable, connecting the back of the keyboard to the hardware of the netbook. Locate the three 7 mm screws on the back panel, beneath where the battery would be located asus eee pc 1000he audio removal. In order to detach the screen connector p the top left side of the asus eee pc 1000he audio you must peel back the tape holding down ssus fan wires. Next, remove the two 4mm screws on each side of the hard drive case shown by the blue circles.


We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment. If removed, the warranty on wudio netbook will be voided. Do not continue with the next 3 steps if you are not attempting to replace your hard drive. Mike Glenn and 3 other contributors.

Wedge the plastic opening tool asus eee pc 1000he audio the two black layers of the netbook. Once the two pieces are loosened enough, you can place your fingers between the two pieces and lift the top piece off.

Place the plastic opening tool on one end of the white plastic piece.

Remove this cord using asus eee pc 1000he audio plastic opening tool by prying the white plastic piece out from the cream housing. Disconnect the ribbon from the connection housing by prying both ends of the cream plastic piece away from the ribbon.

Having already removed the keyboard, locate the six 7mm screws on the silver plate in the keyboard housing.

To remove the metal hard drive casing, use a T6 star head screwdriver head to remove six 4mm screws marked by the red circles in the picture. Use the plastic 1000hd tool or your hand to carefully lift the left hand asus eee pc 1000he audio of the motherboard away from the bottom plastic casing. Stand up for your right to repair!


Asus Eee PC 1000HE Netbook Video Converter

Follow this guide if you have determined that your speakers are the cause of your netbook’s sound problem. These are next to the 7mm screws you removed in the previous step. With the ribbons detached, you asus eee pc 1000he audio now remove the front panel of the keyboard.

Small – px Medium ese px Large – px. Remove the cord, on the upper left of the keyboard housing, ere the connection point using the plastic opening tool. Locate three 7 mm screws to the right of the left hinge point in a vertical line.

ASUS Eee PC HE Netbook Windows 7 32bit Drivers, Applications, Manuals | Notebook Drivers

Step 5 Hard Drive. The keyboard will become more disconnected as you use the spudger at each connection point. Remove the wireless network card from the motherboard to detach completely.

Run the plastic opening tool along the side of the netbook while lifting upwards, keeping it wedged between the two black pieces.